Podlite ver. 0.4.0 (=Markdown support)

The most exciting version of Podlite is available! Podlite - open-source desktop pod6 editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Highlights of this version

The most important feature of this version is the support of another markup language!

  • =Markdown - block with markdown markup

=Markdown block supports GitHub Flavored Markdown(GFM). It is the most popular Markdown variant and is used on Github.

Try it at Pod6.in

  • Suggestion is now depending on current markup language

If you type the "=" symbol in the =Markdown block, markdown templates will be suggested to you.

All features also available across the following tools:

Get Podlite

To get the latest version, please download it directly from Podlite releases page. It has a built-in auto-update feature and you will get updates as soon as possible.

Pre-build files: Podlite releases.

New version coming soon to all stores:

Source code repository: Source code.

Will look forward to your feedback on GitHub issue page.

Thank you!