Podlite ver. 0.1.0

The new version of Podlite is available! Podlite - open-source desktop pod6 editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Highlight of this version

  • Diagrams

Many developers prefer to describe their data structures and processes using text, avoiding the need to context switch.

Visualization with different types of diagrams enables Podlite to be used for everyday tasks.

The implementation of the diagrams is based on the well-known Mermaid library. More examples can be found on the Podlite github page.

  • Export to PDF

New export format !

Now you can simply share your document via email or print it out.

  • User experience

    • Podlite saves open windows and their location. This allows you to quickly restore the working environment after a restart.

    • General logic and plugins are in a separate library.

    • Main app is refactored and no more beta \o/

Get Podlite

Pre-build files: Podlite releases.

Check repository: Source code.

Useful links are:

Will look forward to your feedback on GitHub issue page.

Thank you!