Podlite ver. 0.2.0

The new version of Podlite is available! Podlite - open-source desktop pod6 editor for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Highlights of this version

For bits of help fill up pod6 this version of the editor comes with nice features: suggestions and snippets.

  • autocomplete for directives

Then you start typing symbol '=' editor show some suggestions.

For example:

  • pod snippets 🏷

Suggestions are mixed with mini pod templates - snippets. Snippets are marked by 🏷 emoji.

And here how its work:

This is early version of suggestions and snippets 🏷. This will be expanded in future releases.

This feature also available at the online editor: https://pod6.in

Get Podlite

Pre-build files: Podlite releases.

Check repository: Source code.

Useful links are:

Will look forward to your feedback on GitHub issue page.

Thank you!