Podlite specification v1.0 released!

What is Podlite?

Podlite, a lightweight block-oriented markup language that's all about flexibility and ease of use.

  • Unbound by any specific domain, programming language, or concept, Podlite stands out as a universal markup language

  • In addition, the support for Markdown markup as a standard block adds convenience and allows for the use of familiar syntax for text formatting

  • It's perfect for documentation, educational materials, blogging, and much more for organizing knowledge.

  • One of the key features of Podlite is its extensibility. This allows for defining unique and domain-specific blocks and expanding the language's functionality according to the requirements of your project.

  • The Podlite specification is published under the Artistic license 2.0.

Key Features of Podlite

  • Block-based structure: At the core of Podlite is the concept of "blocks," which are the fundamental units of any document. These blocks can have defined attributes and support the inclusion of rich content.

  • Rich linking capabilities: Podlite allows blocks, terms, definitions to be linked with various types of relationships, enhancing the interconnectivity and navigability of your documents.

  • Support for formulas and Markdown: Whether you need to insert complex mathematical formulas or prefer the simplicity of Markdown, Podlite has you covered. It seamlessly integrates both, giving you the flexibility to choose how you want to write.

  • Extensible and customizable: Extend Podlite with custom blocks and inline codes, tailoring the language to meet your specific needs.

Podlite v1.0 Release Notes

Podlite v1.0 Release Notes

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