Podlite - open-source pod6 markup language editor

Another step in using pod6 in everyday life is Podlite - open-source desktop editor for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Here is some screenshots:

Good time for pod6

This is not the first attempt to make the pod6 format popular. However, I'm sure it's a good time for that.

Earlier I tried to create books, technical documentation in pod6 format. For this purpose, I wrote a pod6 implementation in Perl 5 [1] and a set of tools for creating documentation and books [2].

However, this was not popular ten years ago. Now I think a lot of people are using different markup languages and have gained enough experience to appreciate the power of pod6.

This editor and template for creating blog sites [3] I think would be a good start for practical application of pod6.

I use pod6 to create blog posts [4] and in my daily life to keep a personal diary and notes. Even this post is written in pod6 format using the Podlite editor.

I plan to give it functionality for more using in professional work. There is a lot of work to be done and this is just the beginning.

How to get Podlite

At the moment it's just a beta.

You can compile from the repository yourself or download pre-build files: Podlite releases. Pre-build files availably only for Linux and Windows. Mac will appear later.

Check repository for source code: https://github.com/zag/podlite-desktop

Useful links are:

Thank you!

[1]Pod6 implementation in Perl 5. https://metacpan.org/pod/Perl6::Pod

[2] Writeat - tools for make books in pod6. https://github.com/zag/writeat

[3]A minimal, lightweight and mobile-first starter for creating blogs uses Gatsby and pod6 markup language. https://github.com/zag/gatsby-starter-pod6

[4] Create a blog with pod6. https://zahatski.com/2020/5/28/1/create-a-blog-with-pod6