Podlite desktop

The viewer and editor of pod6 files for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Many developers prefer to describe their data structures and processes using text, avoiding the need to context switch.

Visualization with different types of diagrams enables Podlite to be used for everyday tasks.

Highlight of latest version

  • Import from markdown

  • Export to HTML

Files can be saved in HTML format.

  • Export to PDF

Podlite support most pod6 markup features and:

  • supports local video ( i.e. .mp4 files) for =Image

  • =Diagram component

  • save windows state between app restarts

  • open external URL in the browser

  • =Image: fix show assets from disk

  • fix macOS and windows distributions

  • flexible application windows size

Get Podlite

Pre-build files: Podlite releases.

Check repository: Source code.

Useful links are:

Will look forward to your feedback on GitHub issue page.

Thank you!

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